Black Olive Mini Ciappine

100 g
Biscuit made in Liguria, Italy
Golden and crispy thanks to double baking
Associated with black olives
Perfect snack on their own or enjoy with a savory spread for aperitif
Produced in Liguria, these golden crunchy mini-ciappine are the result of a unique handcrafted savoir-faire. A rigorous selection of ingredients and a double baking process give these crackers a delicate, light texture. The black olives reveal a savory taste of the Mediterranean.

Name: Mini Ciappine Savory Bicuits with Black Olives

Net quantity: 100 g

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient list: wheat flour, olive oil 8.8%, black olives 8%, sea salt, yeast. May contain traces of: sesame seeds, soy.

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool and dark place