Blend of green and black olives

150 g
Black and green Kalamata olive mix
Raised by the spicy red pepper bukovo
Under vacuum to preserve the softness of the olive
For the aperitif, to decorate in a salad with anchovies, perfect to accompany a chicken tagine or veal with olives.
A tasty blend of Kalamata black olives & green olives, lightly spiced with the spicy red bukovo pepper emblematic of Greece: this spicier recipe will appeal to palates looking for spicier flavours. Vacuum-packed and seasoned with olive oil: all their softness is preserved!

Name: Blend of green and black olives Net quantity: 150g Origin: Product of Greece Ingredient list: Kalamata & green olives 94%, olive oil, vinegar, oregano 0.6%, Bukovo red bell pepper 0.4%, salt Storage conditions: Vacuum-pack product, keep refrigerated after opening & consume soon and use within 5 days

Discover the mythical flavours of the Mediterranean with this selection of Oliviers&Co table olives: soft and tasty.