45 min
An innovative recipe inspired by Asian cuisine: shrimp, cabbage, carrot and fruit makis with a balsamic blueberry rice tuile.
All ingredients
For the makis: 250 g raw fermented cabbage 3 slices of smoked duck breast 1 cabbage 3 coloured carrots 8 cooked shrimps ½ green apple 50 g blueberries 2 tbsp of olive & tangerine speciality 1 orange 1 pinch of salt & Espelette AOC chilli pepper For the blueberry rice tile: 100 g of rice 50 g blueberries 2 tbsp. traditional balsamic condiment A pinch of salt and pepper.
Blanch the cabbage leaves in boiling salted water, then drain them on absorbent paper. Cut small cubes of duck breast, cut the green apple into brunoise and add it to the fermented cabbage. Crush the blueberries in the cabbage mixture, add the grated zest of ½ orange, season (be careful the cabbage is already well salted, taste before adjusting the seasoning). Assemble the makis by first placing the cabbage leaves on cling film, then put them in the fridge. Arrange the fermented cabbage preparation, then the shrimps in pieces. Roll up the rolls and put them in the fridge. Cut the carrots into very fine julienne. Season at the last moment with the olive and tangerine speciality, salt and Espelette AOC chilli pepper. For the blueberry rice tile: Overcook the rice in the classic way, drain and then add the blueberries and the traditional balsamic condiment, mix and spread between two sheets of baking paper quite finely. Dry in the oven at 100° for 2 hours, while monitoring regularly. Cut the makis, arrange and add the julienne of carrot and pieces of rice tile. Gently sprinkle with the traditional balsamic condiment of Modena...