Ciappe with Rosemary - 11,5% Olive Oil

150 g
Crunchy and tasty
Shaped by hand
An aperitif biscuit with delicate rosemary notes

Aperitif spreads, bruschetta for dinner or snacking.


Made from olive oil, wheat flour and rosemary leaves, these crisp, light ciappe are made the old-fashioned way.

A speciality of Liguria, ciappe are very thin, lightly salted wheat cakes that are shaped by hand, which explains their irregular shape, before being baked. 

Name: Ciappe - Savoury rosemary biscuits with 11,5 % olive oil

Net quantity: 150g

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredients: wheat flour, olive oil 11,5%, salt, rosemary 1,3%, yeast, malted wheat flour. May contain traces of soya

Special storage conditions: Store in a cool and dark place. 

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