Citrus rum Baba by chef Roth

1 h
Recipe for Baba with Mandarin, Pomelo and Lime by Chef Michel Roth
All ingredients
6 tsp. fresh olive & tangerine oil The syrup: 50 cl of water 150 g caster sugar 5 cl rum (optional) 80 g tangerine juice Babas: 600 g of flour 10 g salt 45 g caster sugar 25 cl milk 35 g of yeast 9 eggs 140 g melted butter Trim: 1 litre of cream 70 g caster sugar 1 vanilla bean, scraped 2 tangerines 1 grapefruit 1 lime.
Get the Babas ready: In a food processor, mix the ingredients (except the melted butter). - Once kneaded, mix the melted butter into the dough, then pour into flexible non-stick pans. - Let rise to double in volume, then cook in an oven at 180 ° (th 6) for about 15 minutes. Prepare the syrup: bring the water, sugar and tangerine juice to the boil. - Remove from the heat and add the rum. - Soak the babas by dipping them in the hot syrup about 4 minutes on each side then drain them on a rack. Let cool. Prepare the filling: Whisk or in a food processor, whip the cream and vanilla whipped cream, add sugar at the end of preparation. - Using a piping bag, place the whipped cream on each baba. - Peel the citrus fruits, then cut them into quarters. - Put the babas in a soup plate, decorate with the fruit quarters. - Around the baba, add 2 tsp. tablespoons. tablespoons of tangerine syrup and sprinkle with olive oil and tangerine. - Grate some lime zest.