Cooking my vegetable garden

A gourmet and healthy gift set
Composed of recipes revisiting our dear vegetables
And allowing to cook them with taste and finesse
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A box set containing our recipes around the vegetables in the vegetable garden. These have all been revisited by Oliviers & Co to inspire you in your daily cooking. Vegetable lovers will be able to find vegetables from the garden under different forms, to season a salad or a starter, accompany a main course, spread as an aperitif, serve as a base for a sauce... alone or combined, these are all simple, inventive and gourmet recipes that are available to you. 1 Organic extra virgin olive oil 500ml 1 Pesto peperoni & ricotta 180 1 Artichoke & olive delice 120g 1 Tomato powder 18g 1 Pasta with Corn Glutenfree 250g 1 Pressed olive & fresh thyme 100g 1 pourer

Name: Olive & Thyme SpecialtyNet quantity : 100mlOrigin: ItalyIngredient List : Olives 97% Thyme 3%Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place Name: Recipe with artichoke & oliveNet Quantity: 120gOrigin: Product of FranceIngredient List: artichoke 38 %, extra virgin olive oil, green olive 15 %, potato, water, concentrated lemon juice, salt, black pepper. Storage conditions:Keep refrigerated after opening & cons ume soon Name: Tomato powderNet Quantity: 18gOrigin: Product of ItalyIngredient List: Tomatoes, anticaking agent: E551Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated after opening Name: Pesto Peperoni - Bell Pepper & RicottaNet Quantity: 180gOrigin: Product of ItalyIngredient List: red & yellow bell peppers 52%, ricotta cheese 20 % (milk), extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, P.D.O. Parmigiano Reggiano parmesan cheese (milk), sugar, acidity regulator : lactic acid, salt, aromatic herbs (thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, oregano, basil)Storage Condition Keep refrigerated after opening & consume soon Name: Pasta with Corn GlutenfreeNet Quantity: 250gOrigin: Product of ItalyIngredient List: Corn Flour*, waterStorage conditions Keep in a cool and dark place * Organic Name: Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Jacovila Net quantity : 500ml Origin: Product of spain Ingredient List : Olives: Manzanilla 100% Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place   

1 Organic La Classique extra virgin olive oil: ideal for everyday cooking olive oil for everyday use. With a high smoke point reaching 210 ° C, can be used also as a cooking or frying olive oil. 1 Pesto peperoni & ricotta: Sun-drenched peppers, Italian ricotta and tomatoes are the secrets of this delicious creation. 1 Artichoke & olive delice: An amazing vegetarian recipe where the sweet and nutty notes of artichoke are skilfully combined with those of green olive.... 1 Tomato powder: this tomato powder allows you to rediscover the intense taste of fresh tomatoes bursting with sunshine all year round. 1 Pasta with Corn Glutenfree: These artisanal corn linguine are dietetic and certified gluten-free. 1 Pressed olive & fresh thyme: the simultaneous pressing of olives and freshly picked thyme preserves all the flavour of the ingredients.