Flavoured olive oil

What is a flavoured olive oil?

It is possible to flavour an oil in various ways, the main ones being: by mechanical pressing, infusion, maceration or by adding artificial flavours.

At Oliviers&Co, we have chosen to press the ingredients (herbs, citrus fruits, spices...) simultaneously with the olives to produce our flavoured oils. We select high quality fresh ingredients, without artificial additives and obtain 100% natural oils. The oils produced by the simultaneous grinding of olives and herbs allow us to preserve all the flavours of the aromatic ingredients and to produce oils with a powerful, natural taste.

Oliviers & Co aromatic oils have thus naturally become a must-have in the collection, highly appreciated for their aromatic richness and the quality of their production.


Flavouring an olive oil?

To produce flavoured olive oils by simultaneous pressing, Oliviers & Co perpetuates an ancestral process from Puglia.

In this region, it was customary at the end of the olive harvest to degrease the millstones by grinding fresh lemons. The fragrant olive oil obtained was reserved for family use.

Today, Oliviers & Co's expertise is to keep this traditional know-how alive and to offer a wide collection of remarkable and delicate aromatic oils, produced by our historical partner located in Puglia.

To obtain these unique oils, we select with great care freshly picked ingredients: aromatic plants, condiments or citrus fruits are crushed simultaneously with the olives, no flavouring is added.



How to make basil-flavoured olive oil?

In Puglia, bright green meets grey green: basil grows at the foot of the olive trees. To make basil-flavoured olive oil, the mill master picks fresh basil in September and fills it into stainless steel vats before pouring in olive oil. This is called maceration. The second stage takes place at the time of the olive harvest, in November. This time the basil is picked at the same time as the olives, and they are crushed together under the stone millstone. This is an entirely natural product made in Puglia in southern Italy.


How to make lemon-flavoured olive oil?

A rare oil from the Italian tradition: fresh lemons are added to the olives during the pressing process. An all-natural product made in Puglia in southern Italy, where the tradition of pressed olives and citrus fruits from Abruzzo has been reinvented. In Abruzzo, it was customary at the end of the olive harvest to degrease the millstones by crushing lemons. Today, the lemons are pressed fresh and whole, at the same time as the olives.


Olive oils flavoured with garlic, thyme, pepper, mint, mandarin, shallot...

On the same principle, we pick the herbs, condiments and other citrus fruits at the peak of their ripeness to capture the maximum amount of flavour and then grind them fresh with the olives. Each oil contains only the olives and the stated aromatic ingredient, nothing else. For our chilli oil, for example, a few lemons are added to sweeten the oil produced, which would otherwise be very pungent.


Organic flavoured olive oils

In our constant quest for innovation and transition to organic, we have also developed organic aromatic olive oils:

  • Organic fresh pressed olive and orange: Organic oranges release their natural essence and blend harmoniously with the subtle scent of fresh olive. A new fruity aromatic olive oil with an intense taste of orange peel for innovative cooking, which will perfectly match with balsamic vinegar, white Modena condiment, sweet raspberry vinegar or honey & ginger.


  • Organic fresh pressed olive and lime: An exclusive recipe, the olives are pressed with real limes. The result is surprising: an emerald green colour and an intense flavour of lime peel.


  • Freshly pressed organic olive and basil: Two years of work were necessary to obtain this new tasty and perfectly balanced organic oil. Within hours of harvest, the freshly picked olives and basil are crushed together to produce this fragrant olive oil. The delicacy of the organic basil from Calabria is perfectly combined with the freshness of the green harvested olive.


  • Organic pressed olive, garlic and pepper: Freshly picked olives and garlic seasoned with black peppercorns are crushed together to produce this fragrant olive oil.


Truffle flavoured olive oil

After many trials, we decided to use a truffle flavouring instead of another flavouring technique.

Why a truffle flavour for our truffle-flavoured speciality? Because it is the method that best reveals the flavours of this tuber, respecting the finesse and subtlety of the aromas and fragrances of the white or black truffle, while remaining accessible in price. A truffle olive oil using the simultaneous grinding of the ingredients would require a very large quantity of truffles to reproduce the flavours of our oil.

The aromas developed, of black or white truffle, are the result of a long work to get as close as possible to the natural perfumes of the precious tuber and to find the right intensity of taste.