Green olive tapenade

5 min
Make the homemade green olive tapenade recipe easily
All ingredients
200 grams of pitted green olives... a clove of garlic a teaspoon of capers 5 anchovy fillets 3 tbsp olive oil Reserved Harvest Italy Herbes de Provence (optional) Lemon (optional)
Finely chop your garlic clove after cleaning, peeling and degerming it. Stone your Olivers&Co. green olives, mix them with the garlic, a teaspoon of capers and a few anchovy fillets (5 or 6), fresh or canned. Then add 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil, prefer a floral Olive Oil for more roundness, on the contrary if you want more power choose a vegetable Olive Oil. Continue blending until you obtain a fine and homogeneous puree. You can add a little more Olive Oil if the purée obtained does not seem smooth enough. To be enjoyed on some toast that you can garnish with a few tomatoes. If you don't have time to prepare your home-made tapenade: discover our delicious black or green olive tapenades. Enjoy.