On each label, the consumer can read the exact origin of the vintage with the identity of the producer, the varieties of olives used and, above all, the date of harvest. Olive oil, unlike wine, does not improve over time. It is advisable to buy it in small volumes (½ litre) and to keep it away from light.

Like any product of the earth, the olive is subject to climatic variations. From one year to another and from one region to another, the olive harvest can vary significantly in terms of quality and quantity.

All our olive oil vintages are therefore obtained in strictly limited quantities and it is not surprising not to find the same characteristics from the same source depending on the season. Some olive oil vintages may even disappear completely from our selection if they no longer meet our quality criteria. Others are produced in such small quantities that a depletion of stocks during the year is quite normal.


Everything is clearly mentionned on the label of each olive oil bottle: 

Last edit on 3/31/2021