Jacoliva Classical Organic Olive Oil - SPAIN

750 ml
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, hand picked olives pressed within 24 hours.
All purpose Organic Olive Oil, now available in larger size !
Smooth and very versatile
fresh butter, olive blossom, hazelnut
100 % Manzanilla Cacereña
Sierra de Gata, Estrémadure, Spain
An olive oil ideal for everyday cooking olive oil for everyday use. With a high smoke point reaching 210 ° C, can be used also as a cooking or frying olive oil.

Organic classic olive oil is your daily floral olive oil, in organic version. Perfect for cooking and baking (it can rise to 210°C) as a substitute for animal fats for healthy cooking. It is also tasty as a seasoning and finishing touch to your dishes. It is a consensual olive oil of great quality and freshness: it is soft, creamy and releases notes of olive blossom, cashew nuts, hazelnuts and fresh cream. 

Originally in 500ml, it is now available in 750ml.

Name: Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Jacoliva

Net quantity : 750 ml

Origin: Product of Spain

Ingredient List : Olives: Manzanilla Cacereña 100%

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

Located in Extremadura, Jacoliva is a family-run business, who has been producing olive oil for more than 100 years. Attached to its land, to the environment and its olive trees, this family has always produced this entirely organic olive oil in the respect of tradition. A sweet and creamy olive oil!