Lemon and Basil Aromatic duet

THE ultra-fresh duo !
With the 2 most plebiscited aromatic specialities
You can't go wrong with this gift set
Fresh pressed olive and basil - Tomato dishes, salads, dried beans, spelt salad, pasta, sauces ... Fresh pressed olive and lemon - Carpaccios of scallops, tuna or salmon tartar, endive salad, marinades, grilled or steamed vegetables... But also as a dessert in peach or pineapple carpaccios, strawberry salad, yoghurt cakes, fruit tarts...
In this timeless and refreshing box, two aromatic oils with exceptional and consensual flavours are brought together. With no added flavour, they are made according to a traditional know-how of the Puglia region in Italy: the simultaneous pressing of olives and basil or lemon to reveal all the intensity of the herbs and citrus fruits. To offer or to give as a gift, these 2 oils will quickly become indispensable in your cooking to season all your preparations: 1 Pressed olive & Fresh basil 250ml1 Pressed olive & Fresh lemon 250ml2 spout

Name: Olive & Basil SpecialtyNet quantity : 250ml /8.4 flozOrigin: Product of ItalyIngredient List : Olive 99%, Basil 1%Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark placeName: Olive & Lemon SpecialtyNet quantity : 250ml/8.4 flozOrigin: Product of ItalyIngredient List : Olives 99% Lemon 1%Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place