Linguine with black squid ink

250 g
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A unique black color
The natural aroma of squid ink
Taste with sauce or seafood
Serve with a puttanesca sauce, genovese pesto, tomato & coriander sauce and seafood.
Cuttlefish ink pastes owe their black colour to the natural aroma of cuttlefish ink. It is an unavoidable speciality of Italian cuisine. It is prepared with 99% durum wheat semolina and 1% cuttlefish ink. Cooking time: 6-7 minutes.

Name:  PASTA WITH WHEAT GERM AND BLACK SQUID INK Net Quantity: 250g Origin: Product of Italy Ingredient List: durum wheat semolina, water, wheat germ (4,26%), black squid ink (1,00%). In order to produce other items, the plant also use: eggs,fish.

Oliviers&Co. has selected exceptional artisanal pasta, made by the Morelli family in Pisa since 1860 and 5 generations. Their secret lies in an ingredient that distinguishes them from most pasta: durum wheat semolina. Their production methods preserve the ingredients as much as possible, allowing the pasta to retain its unique taste and consistency. 2 new gluten-free references have been added, made from corn and rice, suitable for gluten-free diets.