Mario Di Lorenzo

Region : 
Sicily, ITALY

The name Disisa comes from the Arabic 'Aziz' which means 'splendid', a name that fits the beauty and magnificence of the landscape. Situated on the swaying hills typical of the landscape of the countryside of Monreale, the Disisa estate extends from the Valley of Belice to the valley of Jato. The origins of the estate Disisa go back to the Norman period (12th century), when King William II donated it to the Archdiocese of Monreale. Since then, the region is known for its vineyards and olive groves. The Di Lorenzo family, owns since almost 200 years, have managed to combine the traditions with the modern technology offering us an oil with incomparable flavors.


The territory of the Belice Valley is renowned since antiquity for its mild climate and lush valleys that descend gently toward the sea. The generosity of the soil, the complicity of the climate, the heat of the sun, and men’s passion for care- giving helped create year after year, incomparable perfumed olive oils. The olives are carefully picked and selected by hand, then immediately transported and pressed in the mill at a carefully controlled temperature. The oil is not filtered to preserve the exceptional aroma, it only undergoes a natural decantation process.