Organic Silver Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

250 ml
The authentic balsamic
Free of flavourings, caramel, colourings
Organic version
Ideal for salads, tomatoes, savoury tarts, polenta or tarte tatin.
A vinegar from organic farming, without caramel, sugar or other colourings added. This organic balsamic from Modena (PGI) is characterized by its full-bodied and harmonious taste with a lingering finish in the mouth. The oak barrel in which it has matured reveals a great complexity of aromas and an authentic aroma to this vinegar.  The 4 leaves on the label qualify the taste of the balsamic vinegar according to the certification (from 1 to 4 leaves) developed by the AIB (Italian Balsamic Tasters). This distinction indicates a deliciously rich and intense taste, a silky and velvety texture, enhanced by a fine point of acidity, conferred by the quantity of grape slack used in its manufacture. This superior balsamic vinegar can be enough to transform a dish!

Name: Silver Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena PGI Net Quantity: 250 ml Origin: Product of Italy Ingredient List: cooked grape must*, wine vinegar* (sulfites). *organic Storage conditions:Keep in a cool & dry place

Produced for centuries in the Modena region, balsamic vinegar is made from grape must and wine vinegar. In the heart of this province, the best grapes are picked, which are then heated over a low heat to obtain the grape must. In order to obtain a top quality vinegar, the must must must be transferred to wooden barrels. Every year the vinegar is transferred to smaller and smaller barrels. Each of them is used for specific purposes: acetification, maturation and ageing. It is during this last phase that each cask gives the desired fragrances and aromas, allowing the magic to take place. The more time passes, the more precious the vinegar becomes. Discover the Oliviers&Co selection of balsamic vinegars, paying homage to tradition and passion for this emblematic fruit. An ideal assortment to enhance everyday life!