Pomegranate Mint Chicken Salad

45 min
A salad recipe based on chicken and olive semolina delicately seasoned with mint and pomegranate.
All ingredients
50 grams of pine nuts 1 tablespoon of La Classique extra virgin olive oil 1 packet of black Taggiasca olives 300 g of medium semolina 1 packet of semi-dried tomatoes 3 steamed chicken breasts 30 g raisins 7 tablespoons of olive and mint specialities Pomegranate vinegar sweetness salt, pepper
Colour the pine nuts for a few minutes in a frying pan with a spoonful of olive oil and swell the semolina with lukewarm water. Put the semolina, the semi-dried tomatoes cut into small pieces, the grilled pine nuts, the steamed chicken breasts cut into strips, the raisins, the olive and mint speciality and the pomegranate sweetness into a salad bowl, mix gently and season with salt and pepper. Leave to macerate for 20 minutes and enjoy.