Pressed Olive & Fresh Mint

250 ml
Olive and fresh mint
Zero added flavor
Intense and fresh
Delicious with tabbouleh, hummus, egg rolls, grilled chicken, arugula salads, green or tomato salads, strawberry or citrus fruit salads, chocolate or almond cakes…
An olive oil full of freshness and naturalness where only the quality of the raw material counts. This oil with its unique characteristics is a subtle alliance between olive and fresh mint pressed simultaneously. An oil to make and transform originally and simply a salad or dessert recipe.

Name: Olive & Mint Specialty Net quantity : 250ml Origin: Product of Italy Ingredient List : Olives 99% Mint 1% Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

Our miller has invented a new recipe: olive oil with mint. As for the basil olive oil, the production is in two steps. In summer the mint leaves are picked and macerated in olive oil. And in winter, at the time of the olive harvest, the mint leaves are crushed with the olives. This oil arouses greedy ideas and oriental desires.