Ricotta cheese & eggplant caviar on toast

10 min
An aperitif recipe or for a cold and fresh meal with summer flavours: eggplant, ricotta, basil, tomatoes, etc.
All ingredients
1 jar of eggplant caviar... 4 semi-dried tomatoes Speciality olive and fresh basil Thyme lemon vinegar Salt & Herbs Pasta & Salad 4 slices of lightly toasted farmhouse bread 150 g fresh ricotta cheese A few small basil leaves
- Spread the slices of bread with the eggplant caviar. - Cut slices of ricotta cheese and place them on top. Pour a little olive oil on top. - Cut the dried tomatoes into strips and place them on the toast. - Pour a few drops of lemon thyme vinegar, season with a little salt & herbs and pepper. - Sprinkle with small basil leaves. Serve immediately. You can replace the dried tomatoes with slices of fresh figs and add toasted pine nuts.