Summer pasta salad

25 min
A recipe for summer pasta salad with tomatoes, olives, mozzarella, anchovies...
All ingredients
380 grams of penne 10 Kalamata olives 2 tbsp. white condiment from Modena 8 tbsp. olive and basil specialties Salt & Herbs Pasta & Salad 6 anchovies in oil 500 g cherry tomatoes 250 g mozzarella balls 1 clove of garlic 10 fresh basil leaves.
- In a large salad bowl, place the drained garlic and anchovies lightly crushed and the tomatoes cut in half. - Pour 6 tsp. to s. of aromatic oil, half of the chopped basil leaves, the white condiment, salt and pepper. - Mix and marinate at temperature. - Bring to a simmer a large quantity of salted water then pour the pasta and cook 8 minutes. Pour 3 tsp. to s of cooking water in the tomato marinade. - Drain quickly and pour into the bowl with the tomatoes. - Mix quickly so as to coat the pasta with juice and adjust the seasoning if necessary. - Let cool slightly 3 to 4 minutes. then add the mozzarella balls, olives, 2 tsp. tablespoons. tablespoons. tablespoons of aromatic oil and the remaining chopped basil. Mix again. - Enjoy warm or fresh. - The garlic can be removed just before serving. - You can replace the mozzarella balls with very creamy burrata.