Gingerbread toasts with goat cheese

15 min
A recipe for gingerbread toast with goat's cheese and fig melon jam, on a seasoned arugula: as a starter or for the cheese.
All ingredients
125 grams of arugula 6 slices of home-made gingerbread 12 teaspoons fig-melon jam 1 log of goat's cheese 4 handfuls of pumpkin seeds 20 cl fresh olive and basil speciality 6.5 cl balsamic fig condiment Salt and freshly ground pepper.
Rinse, then wring out the rocket. In a small bowl, mix the fig balsamic condiment with the olive and basil speciality, salt and pepper. Toast the gingerbread slices and cut them in half diagonally. Make 6 slices in the goat log and then cut them in half. Cover each piece of gingerbread with a teaspoon of fig and melon jam and place half a goat log on top. Arrange the toast on the arugula plates, sprinkle the gingerbread with a spoonful of pumpkin seeds, then sprinkle with the basil and fig preparation.