Tomato powder

18 g
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Available date 09/10/2021
Dried, powdered tomatoes from Northern Italy
The taste of tomatoes all year round

Seafood salad, goat's cheese bruschetta & lemon oil, soup, boiled egg, cooked vegetables, pasta, sauce, mozzarella.

Tomato powder harvested from the Po plain in northern Italy and dried, allows the intense taste of the sun-drenched fresh tomato to be enjoyed all year round. To be sprinkled as a final touch, it is also an excellent base for a sauce once rehydrated with olive oil. And why not use it to decorate plates in the style of great chefs!

Name: Tomato powder

Net Quantity: 18g

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient List: Tomatoes, anticaking agent: E551

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated after opening

Exclusive to Oliviers&Co., this tomato powder, harvested in the Po plain in northern Italy, will add a sunny, year-round finishing touch to all your dishes.