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A recipe for millefeuille with aniseed tortas, passion fruit sorbet, mango and mint.
All ingredients
¼ of a litre of water 200 g caster sugar Some mint leaves to decorate 1 large ripe mango or 2 small ones 2 tbsp mint olive oil specialties 4 aniseed tortas Passion fruit sorbet.
The day before, mix the water with the powdered sugar and simmer for 25 minutes over low heat to obtain a slightly thick syrup. Wash and chop the mint leaves. Peel and cut the mango into thin, even slices. Marinate the slices in the syrup with the chopped mint and mint oil. On the day, cut the tortas in half. Arrange 1 first piece of tortas on 2 individual plates, cover with a slice of mango, put a piece of tortas on top, cover with a slice of mango, then repeat the operation. Blend the rest of the iced syrup in a food processor, coat the whole and enjoy with a passion fruit sorbet.