30 min
A gourmet salad mixing chicken, hazelnuts, foie gras, truffle and apple.
All ingredients
4 small salads rougette 4 chicken breasts 20 hazelnut kernels 80g raw foie gras 1 jar of summer truffle slices 6 tablespoons of olive oil speciality with black truffle flavouring 1 tablespoon sweet apple vinegar 2 tablespoons of La Classique extra virgin olive oil camargue salt Pepper blend.
Wash and dry the salad leaves. Cut the raw foie gras into shavings. Put in a salad bowl the shavings of foie gras, the salad leaves, the olive oil with truffle aroma, the condiment and the truffle slices. Mix delicately and leave to macerate at room temperature. Meanwhile, cut the chicken breasts into regular strips. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and sear the chicken in the steaming oil. Allow to brown on all sides, then add the hazelnuts. Sauté for a few more minutes while stirring. Pour the hot and crispy chicken with the hazelnuts into the salad, season with pepper and fleur de sel, mix and enjoy immediately.