White Truffle Oil and Salt

A gift set for truffle lovers
With the 2 essentials of our truffle range
To bring a touch of truffle to your dishes
Used as a finishing touch, they are a delicious accompaniment to hot dishes such as pasta, risottos, soup or eggs. They are also perfect for cold dishes such as carpaccios or salads or for flavouring popcorn.
Gourmet batch composed of 2 essential ingredients around the truffle! If you want to learn about it or discover its aromas, we recommend this duo: 1 Salt & white truffle mix 1 Specialty olive oil with white trufle aroma

Name: WHITE TRUFFLE AROMA SPECIALTY EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILNet quantity : 100MLOrigin: Product of ItalyIngredient List:Extra virgin olive oil 99,82%, white truffle extract 0,1%, white truffle flavor 0,08%Storage conditions:Keep in a cool and dark place Name: SALT & WHITE TRUFFLE MIXNet quantity : 30GOrigin: Product of ItalyIngredient List:Salt of Guérande PGI 99%, freeze-dried white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico)0,17%, aromaStorage conditions:Keep in a cool & dry place