White Vinegar with fresh Garlic

250 ml
Prepared with fresh whole garlic
No added flavorings
Powerful, tasty and digestible
Deglazing fish, shellfish, chicken, dressing preparation or aioli.
Prepared with whole fresh garlic, this recipe is made within 48 hours after selection of the ingredients. A powerful combination that is particularly tasty and easy to digest to spice up all your dishes. A simple drizzle of this vinegar will be enough to transform everyday life and to season your salads, marinades and grills.  No flavorings are added.

Name: White Wine Vinegar with Garlic Net Quantity: 250 ml Origin: Product of Portugal Ingredient List: White wine vinegar 75% (sulfite), sugar, fresh garlic 5% Storage conditions :Keep in a cool & dry place

Oliviers&Co unveils a collection of aromatic vinegars, elaborated in partnership with its master vinegar maker Frédéric Chaix according to an exceptional know-how. To obtain these unique vinegars, the whole ingredients are macerated within 48 hours after their selection, allowing them to keep all their freshness. Particular attention is paid to the ingredients, coming from Portugal, no flavour is added. The perfectly controlled maceration of the ingredients and vinegar allows the flavours to be captured without degrading them. Their light filtration then lets the ingredients express their flavours in the mouth. These aromatic vinegars are the result of research to find the right balance between the acidity of the vinegar and the flavour of the ingredients.